Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lviv historical centre was included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO on December 4th, 1998. And nowadays Lviv's citizens can see unlawful building in the yard of the Bernardine Monastery complex of XVIIth century, which is also considered as historic centre of the city. This unlawful glassy building was constructed with firm "!Фест" in December of 2010 as a restaurant of meat dishes with future name "Катівня", in English - "Execution's house"! Fortunately, that restaurant's deal was stopped because of the decision of one Lviv Court and because of Lviv community's discontent. According to court's decision of December, 16th that building must be destroyed, but almost two months passed since this time and "future restaurant" is still there. How great human cynicism is! To construct restaurant close to St. Andriy Church, one of the part of UNESCO's heritage, to construct without any state permissions, to name building "Execution's house" and to build one of the restaurant's wall to one of the Bernardine Monastery's wall.
Is it really true that money decides all in the world?...I don't want to believe in it.

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