Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The state without fair justice - Ukraine. Here are some huge examples of it. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, people's deputies must personally vote for accepting of the laws in Ukrainian parliament, but it's very often the next situation that some deputy votes for himself and for his absent colleagues-deputies! So it looks like one man runs across session's hall of the parliament and just pushes the buttons for voting instead of his several absent friends from the party. And then parliament' speaker says "the law is accepted" with, for example, 300 voices of the deputies, though there aren't 300 deputies in the session's hall...So people's deputies don't vote personally in the parliament, breaking the main law - Constitution!
Every people's deputy may have only one job - in Ukrainian parliament. But often people's deputies hold also another high state post, getting two salaries from the state budget at the same time! Or there are many deputies that don't go or go very rarely into the parliament's sessions, just shirk their work, but get their salaries per 100%! And in the year's end people's deputies can also get annual material help for their sanitation - how many thousands hryvnya from Ukrainian budget for all that deputies!
And yesterday the chief of the Central Electoral Commission V. Shapoval registered seven new people's deputies! Amazing, how it could be possible? How it could be when according to the Ukrainian Constitution all people's deputies must be elected by citizens of Ukraine on the parliamentary elections and yesterday weren't such elections?
Yeh, in this unlawful country I live. And millions of Ukrainians live too. It doesn't mean that population of Ukraine is stupid, no. Only there is a question what to do with this impudent and cynical state power.

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