Saturday, 11 December 2010

Yesterday I saw wonderful Italian film "Big dream" on the festival "Week of the Italian cinema" in Lviv. It was film created by Mikele Placido, a famous actor in Ukraine with his role of the policeman Corrado Cattani. So, big dream of the main film's heroes was the revolution as unique way to better changes in their native Italy. The film tells about student's revolution of 1968, organized because of difference in the youth's rights to get education. Dramatic, but nice film, that tells about liberty as the principal people's need. That also tells about trust as the base of human relations. I think it's very actual film about revolitionary activity for present Ukraine.
And You know, I'm for freedom and against any dictatorship. Because every dictator isn't a leader, but the person with many complexes. And all that complexes are hidden in the view of the dictator's power, made with repressions, human deathes, policy of transformation free people into afraid slaves. So any dictator can't be a real leader in the world in the sense of the best changes for our Earth. Only man who respects liberty of anothers and who has people's trust may do something fine.
"Svobodu ne spynyty!"
"Can't stop a freedom!"

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