Sunday, 19 December 2010

Today is the Saint Nicholas' Day in Ukraine - probably the most joyful and fairy holiday after Christmas. Because in the night of December 19th good Saint Nicholas secretly visites all people and gives nice gifts when someone was courteous last year or gives tree's branches, called "rizky" in Ukrainian when somebody was not very courteous. :)
Well, in the IV-th century good priest and then bishop Nicholas indeed brought secret gifts poor people and children, giving out his father's inheritance. And I believe that nowadays he is looking at the deals of his human helpers in the Day of St. Nicholas. Because men just help him to do his wonderful work - to create a tale for everyone.
I remember my childhood and awaking in the morning to see the gifts or "rizky". My St. Nicholas always put me all together. :) But once it was some deficit of rizky in Lviv's shops and good saint gave me only gifts! "Yeah, I was courteous the last year!", such I thought then. But unfortunately I was late for the lesson in the school and what do You think? Yes, I get my rizky in the school. )))
I'm also St. Nicholas' helper now and think about surprises for my small cousins. In general people do that fairy tale in the different ways. Somebody puts the presents near the pillow or in all flat's rooms (because then child will search for presents everywhere). Someone pleases some relative or fellow to be St. Nicholas for their children, dressing the special clothes of saint (few like a priest) and visiting them in the late evening of the 18th or in the early morning of the 19th of December to give the gifts buyed by that "someone" before. Another pleases relative or friend only to ring in the flat's door and to leave presents under the door and quickly go away till children don't see "St. Nicholas".
But that fine holiday is also for the adults, because anybody wants to believe in the tale. And if someone wants to create this tale, for example, for You, let him/her do it. And then maybe You'll want to create something amazing too. Secretly, of course. As real Saint Nicholas. ;)

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