Monday, 20 December 2010

I'll never understand human behaviour in the situation when dictatorship is crossing around the country, arresting the main opponents, and others are just looking at this in the silence and are thinking "it's not mine business". Then I can say "no", it's everyone's business, because any authoritative regime near to dictatorship is dangerous for liberty and free rights of anybody. The position of closed eyes and ears and sitting silently is absolutely wrong people's position. Because at first every authoritative leader-dictator destroys his opponents, the leaders of the opposition to him, and then he makes controled men by him from others citizens of the state. I have already read many biographies of the dictators such as Stalin and Hitler etc. And may tell You that they took the power in their hands in such way - in the way of destruction of their main opposition. But who is a dictator? He's also a man as all people on the Earth, but he becomes a dictator when others keep silent and are afraid to do or to say or even to think something against him. And then he feels like a God that can do anything! It doesn't depend where dictator lives because the common feature of such authoritative men is a wish to rule whole world. That's why nobody in the world may say "it's not mine business" on the 100%.
And it's a very pity that Ukraine borders on the states of two much authoritative regimes in Russia and Belarus. But, of course, now Ukrainian state's regime isn't democratic too. I'm really wonder what will be the future of the nations in these countries. Nowadays the charge of the modern Ukrainian power in the law's breach of Yuliya Tymoshenko, the principal oppositional leader in Ukraine, and the prohibition of her movement abroad is a serious trial for her personally, and for Ukrainian society. It's sorrowful reality when others Ukrainian so-called oppositional leaders from another so-called democratic parties keep silent in this situation. Probably they think "it's not my business". Or even some of them thinks that after Tymoshenko's imprisonment the post of main oppositioner will be vacant and that someone will become a new leader of opposition. No way! Why? Because when this so-called leaders are afraid and silent now, then they'll be just hand screws in the machine of the authoritative power. The positive side of all is an understanding of simple people in Ukraine that it's not a question of sympathy or antipathy to Y. Tymoshenko, but it's a question of the beginning of the mass repressions and dictatorship or not beginning.

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