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If You're visiting Lviv and are thinking what else interesting city situated nearby Lviv You can visit, so I recommend You to travel in Zhovkva. Zhovkva situates at the distance of 25 km to the north of Lviv and Your trip will take less than an hour (45-50 minutes) to travel from Lviv to Zhovkva. If You want to visit this ancient city of Lviv region independently, You can go to bus' stop on Kulish street (square near the building on Kulish street, 47) in Lviv, where all regular Lviv buses have end stop and go to Zhovkva. Bus ticket's price is 8 hryvni (UAH) in one side of the way. It's not expensive price, and, of course, Zhovkva is worth to be visited. Zhovkva was founded by royal hetman of Polish state Stanislav Zholkevskyy in 1594 and the city was planned by Italian architects Paolo di Ducato Clemenci (the first Zhovkva mayor, famous in the different documents as Paolo Shchaslyvyy), Paolo Dominici (Paolo Rymlyanyn) and Ambrosio Verbene (Ambrosio Prykhylnyy). And in 1603 Zhovkva got the Magdeburg Rights, so it was one of the important cities in the region. Zhovkva has a rich story and wonderful ancient sightseeings. Welcome to Zhovkva!    

The rests of the city's fortificational wall on Yevhen Konovalets square. This place is also important to know for tourists who like to travel independently, because all regular buses make final stop here. :)

                The rests of Zhovkva fortificational wall on Lvivska street.

One of Zhovkva castle's tower and the part of castle's wall. Zhovkva castle was built in 1594 by the royal hetman of Polish state Stanislav Zholkevskyy, Zhovkva city's founder. 

Castle's walls and Zvirynetska Gate. And many interesting things You can see, if You visit Zhovkva castle, where historic museum "Zhovkva castle" functions for last years.

View of Zhovkva castle and common grave of NKVS' victims of 1941.

Common grave of the victims, killed by NKVS agents in Zhovkva in June, 1941.

Holy Mother of the God sculpture-fountain on Vicheva square and Zhovkva castle behind.

One of the castle's part with Zvirynetska Gate.

                   One of the castle's tower and the part of the castle's wall.

                    Part of the castle's fortificational wall with Zvirynetska Gate.

                                One of the castle's towers in the city's park.

                        Hlynska Gate was constructed in the XVIIth century.

         Bell-tower was built in the XVIIth century as a part of Zhovkva fortifications.

Former Dominican men's monastery was constructed in the XVII-XIXth centuries, nowadays St. Yosafat Greek Catholic Church functions here.

                       View of the former Dominican men's monastery at the side.

     Synagogue was built in1687, nowadays is non-functioned and under reconstruction.

Sts. Petro & Pavlo Church was constructed in 1991-1993 (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy).

          St. Lazar Church was built in 1735 (Ukrainian Orthodox Autocefal Church).                                                                          

Memorable table on the building of the former Dominican women's monastery, constructed in 1682-1787.                                                                             

Wooden Holy Trinity Church was constructed in 1720 (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church).

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