Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Several Transcarpathian views

Ukrainian Carpathians' view from a mountain's top.

View of the mountains when You're climbing on the top, sitting in the lifting.

The ruins of Khust castle, XIIth century.

The monument to fighters for Carpathian Ukraine (Ukrainian republic, proclaimed on 14th March1939 in Transcarpathia, Avhustyn Voloshyn was its president).

Narcissus valley - famous natural sightseeing in Ukraine.

Synevyr lake - another natural sightseeing of Transcarpathian region.

This lake is like a love symbol in Transcarpathia. According to the legend, many years ago one count's daugther Syn and one shepherd Vyr loved each other and wanted to marry. But Syn's father, a rich count, didn't want to have a poor son-in-law, so he ordered to kill a shepherd. And when Vyr had been killed, Syn cried very much and all her tears created such beautiful lake. Then people decided to denominate this lake Synevyr - as a connection of the names Syn and Vyr.

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