Monday, 14 March 2011

Many Ukrainians again and again search a job because of the growing unemployment, while state power says about mythical better changes on the TV. More and more Ukrainians can't find job, while politicians say about economical stability in the country. But what is that stability? Is it a stability of becoming of life's worst conditions in the economical sense? Or another question, for what does State occupation's centre exist in every state and for what in Ukraine? Because Ukrainian state occupation's centre is only for statistics of the unemployeds, but isn't to help them in their job's searching. When Ukrainian citizen goes to register in the State occupation's centre, he/she can't imagine about all difficulty and unnecessarity of this registration. The discharge by own wish is the most spread reason of the discharge in Ukraine, because employers like it the best and often say workers to write an application of the discharge by own wish - it's the most simple way to stop working relations between an employer and a worker. But when man is discharged by his own wish, he can't get financial aid of State occupation's centre during three months from the registration's date. So is it state help for unemployed? No way. But You can think, maybe then State occupation's centre proposes some vacations for unemployed? Yes, proposes vacations of unexisting firms or unexisting vacations of the real firms, which don't know nothing about such activity of State occupation's centre! Or workers of Ukrainian occupation's centre can just say the next: "good vacations are only for our fellows and friends". Or another: "someone is registered almost two years here and we still find a job for this person, so if You're registrered a few months here and You haven't yet got a job, it's not a big trouble". Plus a delay of the financial aid of State occupation's centre for unemployeds is often situation in Ukraine.
There were real facts of the activity of that state organization, which I know surely.
And now let we think, what can young unemployed man do when he has a wife staying at home with their small baby? So for what does such unnecessary organization as State occupation's centre exist and finance with the budget's money? I don't know, really.

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