Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm thinking now about what every political leader must do to win at the elections with his party or to become a President etc. The mainest thing for political leader (besides his leader's skills and knowledges) is his skill to choose people into his party. I remember American President Theodore Roosevelt's biography. He was very careful to people surrounded him beginning from his servants finishing his party's members, he wanted to know everything about them and didn't forget it, using it in the necessary moments. Such interests towards the people helped him to become a President of the USA. T. Roosvelte knew interests of surrounded him people and told about it with them, he remembered birthdays and to congratulate with its, he could just ask "How are you today?" even his servant, so all of that was a main secret of T. Roosvelte' success.
Ukrainian political leaders often don't carefully choose people to their parties. And I think it's a principal problem of such occurence as moving of deputies or party's members from one party to another in Ukraine. It's shameful occurence, of course, but it's beginning from mistaken thoughts of politicians that quantity is equal to quality.

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