Monday, 10 January 2011

Unbelievable events are happening in Ukraine: someone unknown blowed up monument to Stalin, soviet dictator, in Zaporizhzhya on December, 31th and today police is arresting members and chieves (15 persons according to "UNIAN") of the patriotic organization "Tryzub" in the different Ukrainian cities. Simple question: why are all that people arresting for the incident in Zaporizhzhya, when they live in the various regions of Ukraine and have just patriotic views in their life? Maybe someone from communists thinks that they all together arrived on the New Year's Eve in Zaporizhzhya to make this explosion? But few days ago the chieves of the organization "Tryzub" have already said about their unknowledge in the question who dynamited Stalin's monument. Some Ukrainian politologists and journalists suppose that this explosion could be organized by the same communists or even by the state's power. Why? "Because" can see nowadays - for arrests' beginning of those citizens, which can be just patriotic. So is cruel dictator Stalin worther for modern power than Ukrainians?...

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