Friday, 1 July 2016

World-known opera singer Vasyl Slipak was shot in Donbas

World-known opera singer from Paris "Grand-opera" Vasyl Slipak was born in Lviv, studied in Lviv secondary school no.46, Lviv choir school "Dudaryk" and Lviv Conservatory named after Mykola Lysenko. Great Lviv voice...After graduating at conservatory his unique baritone was noticed abroad and he moved to live in France. But when in spring of 2014 so-called antiterroristic operation had begun in Donbas, he started to help ATO participants as a volunteer and lately decided to become a soldier to fight against foreign occupants in Donbas region. But on 29th June 2016 his fighting way was suddenly broken off - V. Slipak was shot and died in ATO zone. And on 1st July he was buried on Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv, on special field side by side another men, who had taken part in ATO. And their deaths are sorrowful prooves of lasting war and the absence of some cease-fire in Donbas nowadays.                   

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