Saturday, 15 June 2013

"Femen" isn't movement for women's rights

"Femen" is movement of so-called feminists, which became widely known during the last years thanks to different world's media. Founded in 2008 in Kyiv, "Femen" began to be broad known in 2010, at first taking their actions in Ukraine, then - in other countries around the globe, and nowadays it's some international movement with its branches in many world' states. "Femen" members call themselves fighters for female rights, but all their past and present topless or naked actions were and are brutal and vulgar, which humiliate woman's essence, demonstrating women's protests as hysterical dull naked activity. Those of "Femen" don't protect any feminine rights, but dress in provocative manner more like prostitutes, than fighters for deciding of female problems in the world. Besides it they often dress the wreathes with ribbons, which are similar to Ukrainian wreathes, even if the members of "Femen" are Brazilian or Spanish. So that so-called feministic movement discriminates not only all feminists and women, but especially Ukrainian women and Ukraine. Of course, "Femen" never loved Ukraine and they humiliated this country as only could, also destroying or mocking at Ukrainian national symbols during their manifestations in Ukraine. The most outrageous "Femen" action in Ukraine was cutting of Catholic cross on August 17th, 2012 in Kyiv. This cross was placed by Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Kyiv in 2004 in the memory of the victims, killed by NKVS agents in Kyiv prisons, and "Femen" member Inna Shevchenko, the executor of cutting of the cross, explained such "Femen" action as support for Russian arrested Pussy Riot group. Ukrainian police opened criminal investigation into hooliganism against I.Shevchenko after her cutting of the cross, but she emigrated in Paris and created French branch of "Femen". You know what? It's very very difficult for Ukrainians to get visa in such country as France, but I.Shevchenko was welcomed as some hero in EU, particularly on French TV. Cutting of the cross wasn't feministic action of "Femen", no!, it was really anti-Cristian act, though past and present international activity of "Femen" is against Christianity and Islam and it's a big question why so-called "feminists" offend these two religions instead of real fighting for female rights. ?????... Another very big question is about the source of their financing, because only well financed movement can make so many trips around the world and can be interviewed in the famous world's media as "Femen" members can. ?????... "Femen" has its offices in Kyiv, Paris and Berlin, its German site and huge support of global TV and newspapers, such as Euronews, CNN, BBC, Deutche Welle, Der Spiegel, Le Figaro, Le Monde, The Guardian, The Independent, La Repubblica, Agency France Press and many German, French, British, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Polish, Swiss, Belgian, American, Australian and others media. It seems like some journalistic "duty" in the whole modern world to show "Femen" daily activity on the TV or to write about it in the newspapers. Wow! How many money must cost such media support! At least, "Femen" manifestators elementarily break public order and act as hooligans, offending or mocking at concrete persons or places, religious symbols, human feelings (often - religious feelings). Now "Femen" activists mainly take their activity in European Union, but don't get any punishment there - neither penalty, nor imprisonment in EU. Why?              

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