Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blockade of parliament's presidium and rostrum by UDAR party

At least! At least people's deputies began to do real things to stop illegal non-personal voting in Ukrainian parliament! And UDAR Party of Vitaliy Klychko did it! People's deputies of this political party at the head with its leader Vitaliy Klychko blocked parliament's presidium and rostrum on February 5th, 2013 and they are continuing to block it now! The reason of the blockade is non-personal voting of newly elected people's deputies and the claim of UDAR people's deputies to provide only personal voting in the parliament by the Head of Ukrainian Parliament Volodymyr Rybak. Thus, on January 11th, 2013 some deputies voted not only for themselves, but also for some absent colleagues during the votings for the resignation of previous Head of National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov and for the appointment of new Head of National Bank of Ukraine Ihor Sorkin. And when oppositional deputies announced that they didn't recognize these illegal votings and Parliament's Head Volodymyr Rubak had to set new voting for the Head of National Bank of Ukraine. V. Rybak admitted such non-personal voting without any need of re-voting and accepted the appointment of I.Sorkin, whose candidature was proposed by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych earlier. Then on January 21th 2013 UDAR party's leader Vitaliy Klychko gave the suit against Parliament's Head Volodymyr Rybak to Administrative Court of Kyiv because V.Rybak didn't provide legal voting for the resignation of S.Arbuzov and for the appointment of I.Sorkin in the parliament, but accepted such that votings as legal and normal things. And UDAR party gave the suit to Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine concernig the recognition of the votings for the resignation of S.Arbuzov and for the appointment of I.Sorkin as illegal votings in the parliament. On January 29th, 2013 UDAR party claimed the resignation of Speaker Volodymyr Rybak and started to gather the signs of others people's deputies in the parliament for Speaker's resignation. So on February 5th, 2013 Vitaliy Klychko and his political party just continued to fight for legal voting and the observing of Ukrainian Constitution in Ukrainian parliament, that's why oppositional people's deputies blocked the presidium and the rostrum of session's hall of parliament in the first day of second session of newly elected parliament, which wasn't opened because of oppositional blockade of the presium and the rostrum. The next parliament's session must be opened on February 19th, 2013 and UDAR people's deputies will have the alternation in the session's hall of the parliament to continue blockade until February 19th. And when Parliament's Speaker V.Rybak won't coordinate legal function of the parliament, won't declare any decision about observing of Ukrainian Constitution and will be close the eyes for non-personal voting of the people's deputies (mainly from the Party of Regions and Communistic Party), so UDAR people's deputies will block again the presidium and the rostrum of session's hall and the next session will not be opened too. Ukrainian citizens totally agree with such position of the people's deputies of UDAR party, because there is no sense in the activity of the parliament, if non-personal illegal voting is the main tool in the acception of the decisions in the country. Because Ukraine's people can't live according the laws, accepted by deputies' cards of the absent deputies in the parliament.                    

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