Friday, 27 July 2012

Shame for London Olympic games-2012 site.

I like Olympic games since my childhood. And I thought about British education as one of the best educations in the world since my childhood too. So You can imagine how I was deeply impressed when I saw huge mistakes on the official London Oplympic games' site. There were mistakes in the biographies of Russian sportsmen - the birtplaces of that sportsmen, which were born in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, were written as Russia on the official Olympic site! This day some mistakes were deleted from the site, but many of them are still there! For example, Russian Federation's athlete Ekaterina Lisunova was born in Lviv, Ukraine's city, but London Olympic games' site wrote Lvov (RUS) as her birthplace; then, the athlete Alexey Korovashov was also born in Ukraine, but official Olympic site wrote that he was born in Ukraina region (RUS). So the world live in 2012, Ukraine got its independence in 1991. And the organizers of Olympic games-2012 don't know about Ukrainian state and think that it's some region of Russia! Maybe someone can say that Russian Olympic committee gave these mistaken dates of sportsmen and Olympic organizers didn't ivent these mistakes by themselves! Yes, I also think so. But could Olympic organizers check athletes' dates before writing on the official Olympic site? Yes, and not only could, but they had to do it! It's famous fact that Russian power wants to re-creation Soviet Union, wants to unite ex-Soviet countries to Russia. But what happened with Great Britain? Why did the creators of Olympic games-2012 site make such awful mistakes on the official Olympic site? Shame on you, the organizers of Olympic games-2012! Shame for British education! In Ukraine people think about English education as one of the best on the Earth. But it's hard to think so, when Ukrainian people see such big mistakes on London Olympic site like Ukraine region (Russia). I can just imagine how it could be great scandal if sportsmen, born in Great Britain, would be noted as born in Russia or would be written the abbreviation RUS near London, for example, on some Olympic site. So will the creators of Olympic games-2012 site say "excuse us for our huge mistakes" and change athletes' biographies of Russia into right dates?

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  1. Yes, you are right, I also saw in the buography of ukrainian athletes it was not even signed their birthplace. I didn't like at all Uk approach on other nationalities (Ukraine at first).