Monday, 30 January 2012

Battle near Kruty

Yesterday, on January 29th, Ukrainians commemorated young Ukrainian fighters, killed in the battle with Soviet troops near railway station Kruty (Chernihiv region, 130 km from Kyiv) on January 29th, 1918. There were only 300 (some scientists say 420 or 500) Ukrainian young men - schoolchildren, grammar-school boys, students against 4500 (some historians say 5000 or 6000) Soviet soldiers in the battle near Kruty. That battle lasted more than 5 hours. Soviet troops won and almost all Ukrainians protectors were killed in this battle near Kruty. Indeed that Ukrainian youth understood a great danger for their lives in the battle and knew how many troops were in their enemy. But these Ukrainian fighters went and fought to save their land from Russian occupants. But they died. Because it was a few quantity of the protectors from the enemy. Nowadays Ukraine and especially Ukraine's youth commemorates the events of the battle near Kruty every year. Because this battle is a symbol of patriotism, devotion for homeland, readiness to fight and to die for native land. And also battle near Kruty teachs us that a little quantity of the protectors can't protect motherland against troops of the occupants, so it must be many protectors in the battle.

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