Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Independence Day of Ukraine on August, 24-th is real holiday for many-many people in Ukraine and abroad. This year the 19-th anniversary of the Ukrainian Independence is celebrating too modestly, like "in the economical variant" - without traditional military parade and big concerts. :) But anyway the citizens of Ukraine are happy to live in their own independent state and the majority of them don't want back in the USSR. Probably, only modern state's power certainly wants to return us there. But, no, I don't want to write some sorrowful thread today. Yes, Ukraine has much problems and not accepted decisions, and we must live in the reality without "closing eyes" on the Ukrainian events, we must change that reality, if it isn't liked for us. I hope we'll do better changes step by step.
And today is the Ukraine's birthday. Ukraine is only 19 years old - like nice young lady. Though it's only its official age - the real age of this lady is bigger, much bigger. :) But she doesn't tell anybody what is her age indeed, because she's a lady. She's trying to be sage always, but sometimes she makes mistakes because of her youth (official :)). Of course, as young person, she has many ideas and plans for amazing future, but doesn't have the experience of the transformation that ideas in the reality in the past. I wish this lady a great healthy to cross quickly all problems, a success to find good friends in that cruel life, a sagacity to see who is a friend and who isn't and a sagacity to declarate right laws for people, and a pride of who she is - the Ukrainian!


National Anthem of Ukraine. )))

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