Sunday, 18 July 2010


The oldest wooden temple in Ukraine, built in 1657 - St. Yuriy Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

                      St. Yuriy icon in St. Yuriy Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

                 Wonderful iconostasis of St. Yuriy Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

                    The interior of St. Yuriy Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Former NKVS prison in 1941 and memorable table about that period on the building, nowadays it's one of the scientific-researching institutes of Drohobych Pedagogical University.

                   Basilian monastery's complex of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Monument to famous scientist Yuriy Drohobych (Kotermak), which some time was a rector in Bologne university on the beginning of the XVth century.

   Monument to Ukrainian famous writer Ivan Franko, who lived11 years in Drohobych.

          Memorable table to Ivan Franko on the facade of the gimnasium, where he studied.

Monument to Vyacheslav Chornovil, famous Ukrainian politician and Ukraine's patriot in 1960-1990 years.

Monument to eminent Ukrainian writer and public figure Markiyan Shashkevych.

Monument to the fighters for Ukraine's freedom.

Monument to all victims of Holodomor (huge famine, created by Soviet state power) in 1932-1933.

A belfry of St. Bartolomeo Catholic Cathedral of Drohobych, built in the XIVth century.

                                                   Entry to St. Bartolomeo Catholic Cathedral

Monument to Pope John Paul II near St. Bartolomeo Catholic Cathedral.

Memorable table to Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest Vasyl Shevchuk, killed in 1943 in Ryashiv (nowaday Polish city Rzeszow).

Big poster to Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian politician and the chief of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.

Drohobych Pedagogical University.

St. Trinity Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Architectural examples of the XIXth century.

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (wooden temple)

Antique painting on the facade of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Drohobych Painting Gallery

Drohobych Art Palace

The interior of the Museum of Bruno Schulz, famous painter, who was born in Drohobych and was killed here by the Nazi in 1942.

                                 Salterns plant's buildings, constructed in the XVIIth century.

                                       Monument to dead soldiers in the War of 1941-1945.

Drohobych People's House

Drohobych City Council's tower and Ukrainian flag on the top.

Drohobych in Lviv region. I like to go there when I want to "escape" and to think well about life, systematizing my thoughts. Don't know why, but exactly this city gives me a kind force of the positive mood in the future. And it's also strange for my character - to travel into the same place several times, because I usually go in the different cities and don't enjoy come back again and again to one place, besides my native Lviv, of course. But Drohobych is special. :)

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