Monday, 10 May 2010

Lviv is 754 years old.

The 754-th anniversary of Lviv was celebrated last three days from 8-th to 10-th of May, so it has just finished and I can tell You and show in the photo how it was. :)

A few historical sentences about Lviv. Many years ago the halytsko-volynskyy principe and the first ukrainian king Danylo Halytskyy decided to found several fortresses-castles. So in 1256 year he founded Lviv and named it in the honour of his son Lev.

The festival of the alive sculptures.

A boy is teaching to make his small jug from clay the first in his life! Very interesting job for him and the ancient tradition in Ukraine - to make an earthen pottery.

A girl is teaching to shoot with a bow.

Children enjoy to create antique Ukrainian toy "motanka" themselves (left photo below). The base of "motanka" is a straw, so this toy is considered the ecological toy for babies, and also traditional for our culture.

On the left side You can see the master heating in the fire some liquid, which in the future will be a beautiful thing such as glassy works of art on the right side.

The exhibition of "horbati zaporozhtsi" - the cars with its own more than 50-th history, made in Zaporizhzhya's factory in the middle of the XX-th century. And nowadays they are the antiquarians. :)

The priests of the different religions of Lviv pray the common prayer about the better future of Lviv and its citizens on Rynok square.

Lviv's knights on the opening of Lviv Day celebration near the building of the municipal government (Town Hall) on Rynok square.

Nice music video of the song "Lviv-the city of Lev" is here as the end of this small photographic story.

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