Friday, 30 April 2010

The photo of the protest's beginning of the 27-th of April in KyivApril 27, 2010 - the first massive protest against power of Yanukovych & Co. There was people from different regions of Ukraine (the regions of Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Lviv, Kyiv, Rivne, Kirovohrad, Chernihiv and many others) and it was a big success! Because it's mean that not only West Ukraine, but all Ukraine doesn't want to have such president - president, who sells the ukrainian territory for the foreign military organizations, who gives the main ukrainian branches of the economics in the arms of another states, who doesn't admit the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of ukrainian people, and who nowadays destroy the liberty of the human rights of the ukrainians. So why this man, elected not honestly, but with falsifications, can be the president of Ukraine?...The people doesn't agree. But what will be in the future? When some politicians say about the necessity of using of the force's variant against protesting people. But against what people will the statesmen do it, against the citizens of Ukraine, which want to be free and not slaves for someone? No, I don't want to think about any force's variant. And only believe in the sagacity of the oppositional chieves to do something better and in the power of ukrainian people to be strong. I also very hope that international community will honestly give the opinion of all events, happening in Ukraine.
And in the end there is one of the great ukrainian song "Dva kol'ory" ("Two colours") by Kvitka Tsisyk.

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